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The term oral surgery can sound daunting, given that surgery is known for being a serious and often invasive procedure—but in the case of oral surgery the opposite is true. Whether you are thinking about getting dental implants, or if you are considering removing your wisdom teeth, Valleyview Dental gives you the options and information to let you make the best choice.

We handle dental extractions, implants, and wisdom teeth and know what goes into a safe and effective oral surgery procedure. We combine our high level of expertise in oral surgery with friendly service and a warm environment. We are committed to ensuring that we provide the best experience possible to all our patients. Oral surgery can be quicker and less painful than you imagine. To ensure great results, you have to make sure you give your mouth the proper time to heal. That means eating foods that won’t damage or aggravate the parts of your mouth that are healing. Luckily, you can still eat healthily while recovering from your oral surgery.

Here are some ideas of healthy foods that you can enjoy after oral surgery:

Smoothies, juices, and protein shakes
Baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, jams, and soft vegetables
Fruits and vegetables that don’t “crunch”
Yogurt and applesauce

We will guide you through the surgery process and what all the best recovery strategies are. Whatever your worries, Valleyview Dental will get you on the path to feeling comfortable and confident about your procedure.